Maggie Grant

Song Title


The Rules


Born in South Carolina, Maggie has been singing from birth. Her dad says he could hear her a mile away! She says she was building up her lungs. Her onstage debut was at the ripe old age of 4, and she has been on a stage somewhere, doing something ever since. Singing with bands from Miami to New York City, from Las Vegas to L.A. to San Francisco, she even sang for the Pope. Performing and songwriting are her first loves. Maggie has written and performed songs for all genres from country to inspirational. Two of her biggest thrills have been receiving thank you letters from Prince Harry and William when she and her Mom wrote "A Song Of Hope" following the tragic death of their Mother, and a letter from the Vatican after sending a song to his holiness for the mass of Mother Teresa. Currently, she is working on a CD of originals, which has a bit of everything. THE RULES is one of her special favorites. SOLITUDE is her first joint effort with Five Eighteen Music and the late, great Smith Dobson on piano in this unfinished demo version- just Maggie and Smith!